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Privacy Policy - SWAGSTAY

SWAGSTAY respects the importance of its users & privacy as well as the confidentiality of the information submitted by its users as a responsible data controller and data processor.

This Privacy Policy outlines SWAGSTAY &s and its subsidiaries and affiliates & practices for processing and securing users & Personal Information (as defined below).

This privacy statement applies to anybody (referred to as "User") who purchases, intends to purchase, or inquires about any product or service offered by SWAGSTAY through any of its customer interface channels, including its website, mobile site, mobile app, and offline channels, such as call centers and offices (collectively referred herein as "Sales Channels").

For this Privacy Policy, "you" or "your" refers to the User, and "we," "us," or "our" refers to SWAGSTAY. Website refers to any website, mobile site, or mobile app for this privacy statement (s).

By using or accessing the Website or other Sales Channels, the User hereby agrees with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the contents herein. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy please do not use or access our Website or other Sales Channels.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any website(s), mobile sites, or mobile apps of third parties, even if their websites/products are linked to our Website. Users should take note that information and privacy practices of SWAGSTAY’s business partners, advertisers, sponsors, or other sites to which SWAGSTAY provides hyperlink(s), may be materially different from this Privacy Policy. Accordingly, it is recommended that you review the privacy statements and policies of any such third parties with whom they interact.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of your User Agreement with SWAGSTAY and all capitalized terms used, but not otherwise defined herein, shall have the respective meanings as ascribed to them in the User Agreement.

The User hereby consents to and accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy and its contents to use or access the Website or other Sales Channels. Please do not use or access our Website or other Sales Channels if you disagree with this Privacy Policy.

Even though their websites or goods are linked to our website, this privacy policy does not apply to any website(s), mobile site(s), or mobile app of a third party. Users should be aware that this Privacy Policy may not exactly match the information and privacy practices of SWAGSTAY &s advertisers, sponsors, business partners, or other websites to whom SWAGSTAY offers hyperlink(s). As a result, you should evaluate the privacy statements and practices of any such third parties with whom they engage. This Privacy Policy is an essential element of your SWAGSTAY User Agreement, and all capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the respective meanings allocated to them in the User Agreement.


Please be aware that due to the nature of our company, we might need to send your data to the SWAGSTAY Group of Companies and third parties as specified in Paragraph A. User hereby agrees that the data shared with SWAGSTAY may be processed in India and any other countries where a third party hired by SWAGSTAY may handle the data on SWAGSTAY &s behalf. By accepting this policy, you give SWAGSTAY explicit permission to use your personal information for the purpose(s) specified in this policy. The laws governing data protection in India or the other stated countries may not be the same as those in your place of residence.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to the following email address: info@swagstay.com if you have any concerns about how your data is being processed. However, if such data processing is necessary for us to be able to serve you or confirm your bookings after you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to do so. For instance, if you want to reserve any type of international vacation package with scheduled departures (group reservations), we may need to disclose your personal information with our suppliers in each location where you stay, including your name, gender, culinary preferences, and whether or not you want a room with a smoking area.

Withdrawing your consent for us to process your information may result in:

In such a circumstance, unreasonable restrictions on our ability to service your booking (if one has already been made) substantially impair our ability to serve you adequately and may force us to cancel your booking. This could negatively impact your trip.


The information listed below is gathered so that we can offer you the services you &ve chosen and so that we can satisfy our legal requirements as well as our commitments to third parties under our User Agreement. The information given by the User and gathered by us for the following reasons together constitutes the User &s "Personal Information."

Registration on the Website: Details about your identity, such as name, gender, marital status, religion, age, etc., as well as your contact information, such as email address, postal address, frequent flyer number, telephone (mobile or otherwise), and/or fax number, that you provide while subscribing to or registering on the Website. Additionally, the information can consist of your billing details, payment history, credit/debit card information, and other details about your income and/or lifestyle (as shared by you).

Additional information We might additionally gather other data and papers, such as but not restricted to:

  1. Transactional history (other than financial information) regarding your e-commerce activity and purchasing behavior.
  2. Your email addresses, usernames, passwords, and any other security-related information you use to access our Services
  3. Data, such as image files, documents, etc., that you want to keep on our servers and that you either created yourself or that was developed by a third party.

Data available in the public domain or obtained from any third party, including social media channels, as part of your account information, including but not limited to personal or non-personal information from your linked social media channels (such as name, email address, friend list, profile images, or any other information permitted to be received according to your account settings).

Information about any additional travelers you book accommodations for using your registered SWAGSTAY account. In this situation, you must affirm and represent that each additional traveler for whom a reservation has been made has authorized us to share the information you have supplied with us with the relevant service provider (s).

If you ask SWAGSTAY to help you with visa-related matters, we &ll need copies of your passport, bank statements, filled-out application forms in their original forms, pictures of you, and whatever else the relevant embassy might need to process your visa application.


The following ways are possible for using the collected personal information:

When you make a reservation, we may utilize Personal Information such as payment information, which includes the cardholder &s name, credit or debit card number (in encrypted form) and expiration date, banking information, wallet information, etc. as supplied and permitted to be maintained by you. The data on the traveler &s list that is accessible through or associated with your account may also be used. This information is provided to the User at the time of booking to help you finish your bookings quickly.

Additionally, we may use your personal information to: confirm your reservations with the appropriate service providers; keep you updated on the status of the transaction; send booking confirmations via SMS, Whatsapp, or any other messaging service; send any updates or changes to your booking(s); enable our customer service to get in touch with you, as needed; modify the information on our website, mobile site, and mobile app; ask for feedback on our goods or services or suggestions for changes; send an email or message verifications; Verify your account &s authenticity to avoid abuse or misuse. Contact you to make a special gift or offer on your birthday or anniversary.


We often conduct online and offline surveys because we value the views and feedback of our Users. It is optional to take part in these surveys. Usually, the data collected is compiled and put to use to enhance the Website, other Sales Channels, and services as well as to provide engaging content, features, and promotions for members based on the survey data. Unless otherwise specified in the poll, survey participants & identities are kept confidential. Programs, research, and promotions in marketing assist us in determining your preferences, creating programs, and enhancing user experience. It is common for SWAGSTAY to host contests so that its users can win a fantastic vacation and travel-related gifts. Contact information and survey questions may be among the personal information we gather for such purposes. Such Personal Information is used to contact contest winners and survey data to create promotions and product enhancements. Additionally, as a registered User, you will occasionally get alerts from us regarding local fare specials, exclusive deals, fresh SWAGSTAY services, and marketing campaigns.  You may also anticipate getting recurring marketing emails, newsletters, and special promotions with discounts.

We could occasionally improve or add to the services offered on the website. We will use the Personal Information you submit to help us provide the service(s) you have requested, to the extent that you provide and utilize these services. For instance, if you send us an email with a query, we &ll utilize your email address, name, the specifics of your question, etc. to respond. We may also keep such personal information on file to help us improve and simplify the Website &s functionality for users.

When SWAGSTAY launches new reward programs, customers may be eligible to win prizes for travel or other categories. Your enrollment in the rewards program may be made possible by our use of your personal information, and each time you check in to the Website, the status of that enrollment will be shown to you. Each time you win a prize, SWAGSTAY may, following the terms of the reward program, disclose your Personal Information to a third party who will be in charge of delivering the prize to you. However, you have the option to reject such reward programs by writing to us. We occasionally may verify client information on a selective basis, including their credit history, for a variety of objectives like fraud detection and providing bookings on credit, among others.


Your Personal Information will be kept by SWAGSTAY on its servers for however long it takes to accomplish the goals outlined in this policy. When necessary to comply with any legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting requirements, we may keep your personal information for longer periods in some cases.

When your data is no longer needed, we &ll make sure it &s either safely erased or stored in a way that makes it impossible for the business to utilize it.



SWAGSTAY uses cookies to customize your visit to the website and any adverts that could be shown. The way that SWAGSTAY uses cookies is identical to that of every other trustworthy internet business.

The hard disc of your device is where your browser stores the little data files known as cookies. Cookies help us provide you with better, more effective service. We may also use these cookies to display your adverts while you are on the website or to send you offers (or similar emails, provided you have not elected to stop receiving such emails) that are targeted toward locations that may be of interest to you. Cookies also make it easier for you to access material by allowing you to log in with just your password rather than having to enter your login name every time.

Our advertising servers or third-party advertising firms may also set a cookie. These cookies are used to monitor the performance of the advertising we place on other websites, as well as to show you adverts for services that may be of interest to you based on statistics about your visits to the Website and other websites. The technology used to gauge the success of the commercials may also be employed by third-party advertising agencies or ad suppliers.

Such data is all purely private. A pixel tag, an industry-standard technology that is utilized by all major websites, is used to gather this anonymous data. This anonymous data about your visits to the website may be used to serve you with advertising for products and services that may be of interest to you. This process does not include the collection of any personal data. The information gathered during this process is anonymous and does not associate online behaviors with a specific User. Most web browsers accept cookies by default.

You may control how and whether your browser accepts cookies by changing its settings or by using specific software apps. SWAGSTAY supports your right to block any unwanted online conduct, including that of shady websites. However, disabling SWAGSTAY cookies may render some parts of the website inaccessible and may make it more difficult to utilize or purchase some of the website &s services. Please be aware that you can permit cookies from websites you trust while restricting cookie activity from certain websites.

Session data logging automatically: Your session data is logged each time you access the Website. The IP address, operating system, kind of browser software, and actions the User carried out while on the Website are just a few examples of the different elements that may make up session data. We gather session information so that we can analyze user preferences and browsing habits, including how frequently users visit and how long they stay signed in. Additionally, it enables us to better operate our systems and troubleshoot issues with our servers. The information listed above cannot be used to individually identify any User. However, using the aforementioned session data, it might be able to identify a user &s Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the general location of their point of connectivity.


Service Providers and suppliers:

SWAGSTAY does not sell or rent individual customer names or other Personal Information of Users to third parties. Except for sharing such information with our business/alliance partners or vendors who are hired by us to provide various referral services and to provide promotional and other incentives to our customers based on their booking history with us regularly.


We may share your Personal Information with our affiliate or associate organizations in a controlled and secure manner to enhance personalization and service effectiveness.

Depending on how the SWAGSTAY assets are bought, the acquirer may also receive our customers & personal information. Additionally, if we decide to sell, transfer, or assign our company, a portion of it, any of our subsidiaries, or any business units for any reason, including business expansion, development, or restructuring, customer information, including Personal Information collected here, will be transferred following this restructuring exercise.


We may also disclose carefully chosen, filtered Personal Information to our corporate affiliates or business partners, who may then get in touch with customers to offer them special goods or services, which may be free or charged, enhancing their travel experience or enabling them to benefit from unique SWAGSTAY advantages. These partners could be businesses that offer co-branded credit cards, travel insurance, insurance against wallet loss, banking cards, or other sensitive data, etc. The provider &s privacy policy will be applicable to the services you use if you choose to utilize one of these offered by our business partners.

Your Personal Information might be disclosed to a third party that SWAGSTAY hires to carry out certain duties for it, such as hosting data, processing payments, and developing data processing platforms. By statistically analyzing the collective traits and behaviors of our customers and visitors, as well as by gauging demographics and user interests about particular Website areas, we use non-identifiable Personal Information of Users in an aggregated or anonymized form to provide higher-quality, more usable online services. Based on this data, we may offer anonymized statistical data to suppliers, advertising, affiliates, and other existing and potential business partners. These aggregate data may also be used to let these third parties know how many people have seen and clicked on the links leading to their websites.

Any individual information we collect and use in an aggregate form belongs to us. We may use the information for any legitimate purpose, including the commercial sale of it to other parties, without having to compensate you in any way.

On occasion, SWAGSTAY will hire a third party to conduct market research, surveys, etc., and will provide this third party with information specifically for use in connection with these projects. The information (including aggregate cookie and tracking information) that we transfer to such third parties, alliance partners, or contractors is covered by confidentiality agreements, and such information is only to be used to carry out the specific project and according to current regulations.


In addition to the situations mentioned above, SWAGSTAY may release the User &s Personal Information if necessary to do business, for regulatory, internal compliance, and audit exercise(s), to safeguard our systems, or to enforce or protect our rights or assets of SWAGSTAY or any or all of its affiliates, associates, employees, directors, or of any third party.

Without your knowledge, such disclosure and storage may occur. If so, we won &t be liable to you or any other party for any damages of any kind caused by the disclosure and storage.


SWAGSTAY offers users the chance to share their experiences through reviews, ratings, and general poll questions. Customers can also ask questions about a service provided by SWAGSTAY or respond to queries already posted by other users. Additionally, SWAGSTAY might work with a third party to get in touch with you and ask for comments regarding a recent reservation you made. Although taking part in the feedback process is entirely optional, you can still get emails and notifications (through apps, SMS, Whatsapp, or any other messaging service) asking you to share your reviews and respond to queries made by other users. The reviews could be written or recorded as videos. It &s possible that the evaluations submitted or uploaded will appear on other travel-related websites.

The UGC that SWAGSTAY collects may be of the following kinds:

Each User who submits reviews, ratings, Q&As, or images must have a profile that other Users can view. The number of trips, reviews, questions and answers, and uploaded photos may all be visible to other users.


We may from time to time send you emails with information about fare sales in your area, special deals, new SWAGSTAY services, and other notable things. These updates are meant to be educational and fascinating, we hope.


On your phone or tablet, a list of permissions that are required for the SWAGSTAY app to work properly will appear after the software has been downloaded and installed. Customizing the list is not an option. The following details the permissions SWAGSTAY needs, the data that must be accessed, and how it will be used:

Android permissions:

Device & App history: In order to access information about your device, such as the OS (operating system) name, OS version, mobile network, hardware model, unique device identification, preferred language, etc., we must first have permission from your device. Based on these inputs, we want to improve your vacation booking experience and utilize OS-specific features to deliver fantastic in-funnel experiences leveraging the device &s OS, etc.

Identity: This authorization gives us access to information about your mobile device &s account(s). We use this information to create a typing-free in-funnel experience by auto-filling your email IDs. It assists us in associating email IDs with certain users so that we can provide you with perks like cashback on your wallet and exclusive travel deals. Additionally, it makes it easier for you to log in to Google+ and Facebook.

Location: We can offer you bargains that are specific to your location and give you a customized in-funnel experience thanks to this permission. When you use the SWAGSTAY app to book a trip, we automatically determine your location and populate the nearest airport or city for you. Additionally, we need this authorization so that we can suggest the closest hotels to you in the event that you need to book a hotel at the last minute because you are running late. Your options are tailored based on where you are. This allows us to determine your time zone for overseas travel so that we can deliver information correctly.

SMS: If you give us permission to view your SMS, we &ll read it to verify your cellphone number and automatically fill in the "OTP" field during transactions. As a result, you get a seamless purchasing experience while making a reservation, and you don &t have to exit the app to read the SMS and then enter it.

Phone: In order to call hotels, airlines, and our customer contact centers straight from the app, you need access to make phone calls.

Contacts: If you provide us with access to your contacts, we may offer you many social features like sharing your hotel, flight, or a vacation with friends, encouraging them to download our app, sending them referral links, etc. We might also use this data to recommend hotels based on the experiences of your friends. Your phone will transfer this information to our servers for storage.

Photo/ Media/ Files: These permissions are used by the libraries in the app to enable the saving of map data to your phone &s external storage, such as SD cards. Your phone can avoid having to download the same map data repeatedly by keeping it local. Due to this, even on networks with limited bandwidth, you may choose hotels using a map without any issues. Information about the Wi-Fi connection Your experience is improved when you give us permission to identify your Wi-Fi connection, including greater map detail, faster image loading, and more hotel, flight, and package options.

Device ID & Call information: In order to uniquely identify users, we need the authorization to find your Android ID. In order to provide a smooth booking experience, it also provides us with your contact information, which we use to pre-populate certain areas.

Calendar: We can add your travel plan to your calendar with this permission.

IOS Permissions:

Notifications: If you are opt-in for notifications, it enables us to send exclusive deals, promotional offers, travel-related updates, etc. on your device. If you do not opt for this, updates for your travel like PNR status, booking confirmation, a refund (in case of cancellation), etc. will be sent through SMS.

Contacts: If you were opt-in for contacts permission, it enables us to provide a lot of social features to you such as sharing your hotel/ flight/ holidays with your friends, inviting your friends to try our app, send across referral links to your friends, etc. We will also use this information to make recommendations for hotels where your friends have stayed. This information will be stored on our servers and synced from your phone.

Location: This permission enables us to give you the benefit of location-specific deals and provide you with a personalized in-funnel experience. When you launch our app to make a travel booking, we auto-detect your location so that your nearest Airport or City is auto-filled. We require this permission to recommend your nearest hotels in case you are running late and want to make a quick last-minute booking for the nearest hotel. Your options are personalized basis your location. For international travel, this enables us to determine your time zone and provide information accordingly.


On the Website, every transaction is secure. This indicates that TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption is used to transport all Personal Information you provide. TSL is a tried-and-true coding scheme that enables data to be automatically encrypted or scrambled by your browser before being sent to us. Strict security controls are in place on the website to guard against the loss, misuse, and alterations of the data that we have under our control. We provide the usage of a secure server whenever you modify or access the information associated with your account. Once we have your information, we follow strong security procedures to keep it safe from unwanted access.


You may withdraw your consent to submit any or all Personal Information, or decline to offer any of the above-mentioned rights, at any time. If you decide to do this, your access to the Website may be restricted or we may not be able to offer you the services. By sending an email to info@swagstay.com, you can withdraw your consent.


From your SWAGSTAY user account, you can view your personal information. Aside from some necessary sections, you can immediately edit or delete your personal information from your user account. If you don &t have one of these user accounts, email info@swagstay.com.


To consent to the processing of your data and to deal directly with SWAGSTAY, you must be at least 18 years old. We do not deliberately gather personal data about children. When we become aware that we have gathered personal data from a child, we immediately remove it from our database. If you feel we have obtained personal information from a kid, please contact us at info@Swagstay.com.


We reserve the right to periodically change the Privacy Policy to comply with changing legal, commercial, and customer requirements. When necessary, we will properly notify the users.You can always email us at info@Swagstay.com if you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy. SWAGSTAY will make an effort to address all valid concerns and questions.